Traveling sick creates a vacuum of dreams and desires!

The first day I got to Paris was warm and sunny but I was Jet Lagged and crashed out till early the next morning (05:30 Paris time when Jimmy Fallon was on, so I tested out and it works well even on my phone without wifi). It was another warm day and I had packed in a hurry including some clothes that needed to be washed.
So I set out to explore the neighborhood and do some laundry. I was shocked at the full camouflage and green beret wearing, fully armed individual walking up the street toward me, with his finger carefully pointed just outside the trigger guard. The Foreign Legion still have roving patrols all over Paris!
If you look closely in the background you can see the green beret and camo passing the terrace while I was having coffee.
I got lucky and actually picked a good hostel with some amenities I haven’t found elsewhere since. The bunks had privacy curtains and the breakfast had “American” filtered coffee in a big coffee pot (that they didn’t charge you by the cup for after you got the 3 Euro coffee and danish or better breakfast). The bar was lively and was friendly with people from all over comparing sights seen and planning what to see. It was open 24/7 for check-in, coffee and snacks even when alcohol was not being served.
I met quite a few pleasant and interesting people and tried to practice my French. A link to Les Piaules hostel
That evening I felt the tinges of a sore throat starting and saw a pharmacy from the rooftop that I didn’t make it to it in time, they had closed at 8pm. The root-top has some great views of Paris!
 The Eiffel Tower lit in the distance as the clouds start coming in.
The next morning I started to feel considerably worse… my sinuses were filling and I wished I had sought out an open pharmacy to hyper-load some vitamin C the night before. That normally works for me, for fighting things off, if I do it when just starting to feel ill. Later in the afternoon I was sure I had full blown flu. I’m not sure if I caught a bug from someone in the travel to Paris or if it was just 50 mph sideways soaking rain when having to walk up the stairs changing planes in Reykjavík that got me.
Vitamin C goes in my packing list from now on.
 A huge “farmers market” every Tuesday and Friday in the Belleville section of Paris
The weather got cold and rainy and I didn’t do much with the rest of the time I spent in Paris. On a side note they have a combination aspirin/vitamin C tablet that dissolves in water to take that’s sold in pharmacies everywhere in Europe that works great and fast, even for hangovers :> It’s not a true study, but everyone I’ve given one to on the morning after now swears by them!
I should make it back to Paris in the spring when the weather turns nice.
Now that I’m feeling better I’ll try to catch up within the next few days or so… but I’m going to try to enjoy feeling better and getting some sun now.

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  1. So glad you’re feeling better. I hope you picked up plenty of that miracle concoction for future hangovers and colds! Where are you now? I’m anxiously waiting for your next installment. Have fun!

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