The Easy Way to Jim Morrison’s Grave in Paris (Directions with pictures)

I searched and I couldn’t find good directions to find Jim Morrison.’s grave in Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France. So I thought I would make an easy to follow set of directions to the grave with pictures. They close at 5:30 or 6, so even though the sun sets around 10pm in the summer, do this early.

Come on, come on, come on and HIT me babe! (the original lyrics 🙂


Philippe AugusteFirst take the number 2 Metro to the Philippe Auguste stop.





Metro ExitWhen you get up to the street, cross the street to your right and follow it up the slight hill.




At this restaurant you want to turn right on Rue du Repos. If you see it from here you went to far :>



Go through the door on the left.






Turn right and go uphill on the road that curves to the left.





first right

Take your first right.





first left

Then your first left.





go straight

Go straight across the road between the graves and you will see his headstone to the left.





The fence is there now to keep vandals out.





map to morrison's graveI believe this is the fastest, easiest way to Morrison’s grave.




Please comment, like or share if this helped you. I saw people wandering all over that couldn’t find it and thought this might be of use to help people get to the 4th biggest attraction in Paris :>









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