Quick Tips for New Travelers

The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) for US citizens to register for their trips
and get warnings about the areas of travel and be notified of natural disasters, etc.
For non-US citizens The US department of State has information you need to visit the US.

To watch US TV abroad you can go to https://www.ustvnow.com/ and sign up for the free service. Watching TV while on vacation šŸ™ ,Ā but if you have a favorite show you just canā€™t missā€¦

You donā€™tĀ need a power converter, just a plug adapter!
Almost all new or recently new personal electronics, ie cell phones, tablets and laptops, will work with just an adapter plug for where you travel. That means you donā€™tĀ need an expensive, heavy converter!
To be sure you can check the fine print on the AC adapter (You may need a magnifying glass). For it to work in the US and abroad the INPUT should say something like INPUT: 100-240V~1.3A 50-60Hz.
Things like hair dryers and curling irons that are made for only one voltage will not function or be damaged withoutĀ using a converter.

American Express and Discover are not generally accepted throughout Europe!
You need MasterCard or Visa almost everywhere. I have found a few expensive places that will take one or the other or both, but it’s very rare everywhere I’ve been in Europe so far.

In Europe in train stations and other public places they will charge you to use the bathroom!
Many places will charge you and if you have no Euros, you may have to run to a money changer like I did in Paris after getting the train to Gare du Nord from the airport!

Note:Ā  Links below this are things I like, use and recommend that I also can earn a small commission on if you come to this page and go to their site from here.

World Nomads Travel Insurance they even offer coverage for adventure travelers!
If you use them, you are covered for your whole trip, (check the coverage agreement carefully).
I booked for the duration of my trip for a little over $3 a day including stolen property up to $500! This let’s you turn down all the different insurance offers and covers you even if you are volunteering.