I’ve been busy getting ready for my trip!

I’ve been scouring travel sites and getting recommended gear together that I think will work well for this long of a trip.
I searched a bunch of booking sites to see what I could find in deals and ways to make the most of my visits to France, Italy and Spain. Also, I’ve been trying to brush up on my French (which is terrible), my Spanish that is only slightly better and a little Italian. Fortunately, the word for bathroom is the same in Spanish and Italian :>
I’ve been practicing with Google Translate on my phone and it’s brought back more than I remember knowing.

I have found a few things that I think are great! One thing I found that isn’t frequently recommended is The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) for US citizens to register for their trips and get warnings about the areas of travel and be notified of natural disasters, etc.
For non-US citizens The US department of State has information about everything you need to visit the US and The Diversity Visa Lottery ending November 7th, so if you want to get a green card you may want to enter that :>

Another thing I found when looking at booking all this travel is the trip insurance offered by airlines, hotels and booking sites, I added all those up before I booked anything and found that they add up to A LOT!
Many people recommend World Nomads Travel Insurance and from what I’ve seen by reading through the site and what they offer, even for adventure travelers, I agree!
I booked for the duration of my trip for a little over $3 a day including stolen property up to $500!
(I liked them so much I became an affiliate and will get a few cents if you book through my link above.)

Something else that I found that is not really stated in many places, is that you don’t need a power converter.
Almost all new or recently new personal electronics, ie cell phones, tablets and laptops, with work with just an adapter plug for where you travel. That means you don’t need an expensive, heavy and bulky converter!
To be sure you can check the fine print on the AC adapter (You may need a magnifying glass). For it to work in the US and abroad the INPUT should say something like INPUT: 100-240V~1.3A 50-60Hz (my laptop/tablet).
Things like hair dryers and curling irons that are made for only one voltage will not function or be damaged without using a converter.


4 thoughts on “I’ve been busy getting ready for my trip!”

  1. Hi Ken, when do you leave for your trip? I’m sure you’re very busy with last minute details. Have you decided what you’re going to go after Rome? Consider Naples and Pompeii. It’s a trip of a lifetime. I’ll be reading your blog. Post picks too. Xo, Carol

  2. Hey Ken!!

    So glad to hear from you – FROM VENICE NO LESS! : ) Hope your trip is a wonderful success. Keep those pointers coming… loved the tip on the converter for your phone! It’s amazing what you can learn just by reading! :>

    I know you are really enjoying your time there, but take a few minutes to post some photos when you can. We’d love to see what you are up to.

    All the best!


  3. Yes, well I’ll be adding new posts to catch up soon. I had to completely reconfigure this wordpress installation… So now I can post again and have to put in the posts from my notes and pictures.
    It’s a lot more work, but I’l do it over the next week or so.

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