My First European Trip!

I’m finally going to start traveling the world soon!
I’ll be flying out of Philadelphia (PHL) to Boston (BOS) on American Airlines then onto Paris (CDG) on WOW Air with a 90 minute layover in Keflavik, Iceland (KEF) for an amazing price. I’m not a small person…. weighing 280 pounds and standing above 6 feet tall, so the larger seats, baggage and other fees almost doubled the price to around $360, still cheap for a flight to Paris from the East Coast of the United States.

Paris in the Fall, I hope it’s as nice as in the Springtime. I’m going to spend the first 5 nights in a hostel in Paris and will review it in a later post. I hope to see at least a few of the big tourist attractions and get out of town to see life in France away from the big tourist attractions (traps:).

From Paris I’m going take a high speed train to Dijon Ville and switch to the overnight train to Venice (VCE), arriving around 9am in the morning. So I’ll have 4 days and  3 nights to explore and see it before it’s under water. I’ll be staying in another hostel there trying to keep costs down and meet other people who travel the world without spending a fortune.

From Venice I’m taking another high speed train train to Rome (ROM). I’ve booked 6 nights in another hostel there. That should give me enough time to see many of the sights and plan the last part of my trip.

After Rome I’m not sure what I’ll do… I’ll have 10 days free. I’ll play it by ear to see where I want to go before I take a 13 Day cruise from Barcelona back to Florida and a plane ride home.



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  1. Cool itinerary! I like how you include the 3-letter airport codes for each location. I wonder how Paris ended up with CDG?! Are you going to spend any time in Keflavik, Iceland or just a short layover? I’ve heard that Iceland is an amazing place to go on vacation too.

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