About Me


The basics: I’m a 60 year old white male from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
I have a 25 foot Hunter sailboat in Atlantic City that I live on in warm months.
I have a 2010 Camaro (above) that I have traveled all over the States with attending
World Series of Poker events and going to Florida to watch Space shuttle and other launches.
Other than that I haven’t traveled much since I was young and hitchhiked to every state but Hawaii (I didn’t want to be in the middle of the ocean with the two guys who offered me a ride in a sailboat).
I did make it up to Alaska for a summer, where I camped, panned gold and had a great time.

Now I’m at a stage in my life where my business is winding down and many of my friends have passed on or moved away and my mother passed after a long and painful existence after a botched operation years ago. My brother Ted has stopped being a computer geek and recently became a truck driver and has started a blog that’s funny and has some good information for new truckers. TruckMyLife

So now I’m unattached and free to travel. I started with a European trip with stops in France, Italy and Spain ending with a repositioning cruise back to the states from Barcelona. Since then I’ve been traveling quite a bit, that you can read about in my blog posts. I always seem to be behind and trying to catch up with the posts. I’m having too much fun to do the real work of writing and editing. If I come across something I think new travelers really need to know, I post it on my Quick Tips  page and send it out to NewbTravel Tips subscribers by email.