New Traveler Information!

Travel tips for new travelers from a new traveler!

I am now 61 years old, semi-retired and started to travel a lot recently, that makes me an older new traveler.  I want to share the things that I learn to help people new to traveling or just considering starting to travel young or old.

My travels since I started this blog include seven cruises – three transatlantic, train travel and air travel around Europe and air travel to and around Mexico a few times.

In 2016 I spent four weeks traveling through Spain, Italy and France by plane and train, mainly in the rain :<

In 2017 I spent the month of January in Guadalajara, Mexico and got certified to Teach English as a Foreign Language – TEFL.  It was a fantastic course and I hope to teach to aid in keeping my travel expenses down.

My friend and fellow English teacher Alex!

In February 2017 I did a 7-Day Western Caribbean cruise from Miami. I like Orlando airport and cruise terminal much more than Miami for many reasons. I will avoid cruises out of Miami in the future. Orlando is a much smoother transition from flight to reasonable hotel to cruise!

The month of March I spent back in Guadalajara to do some intensive work on my Spanish and see friends I made in my TEFL class :>

Most of April I spent at sea coming back to Europe on a 13 night cruise from Orlando to Barcelona, then I stayed on board and did a 9 night cruise of the Canary Islands & Morocco out of Barcelona and back!

I thought I’d just make a stop in Nice and wait for the weather to warm up before heading north. I ended up staying through the month of May! I went to Cannes Film Festival and the Monte Carlo Grand Prix! Nice at the end of May is a great place to be!

I got to “Paris in the spring time”. I should get there June 1st, and got in to see some of the French Open tennis at Stade Roland Garros!

The map on the right has points for all the airports, cities and Islands I’ve been to since starting to blog. Most were great, but I learned some things to look out for too.  There are Hostels I’ve stayed in that I really like and some that were not so good, that goes for airports, trains and cruise ports too… reviews to follow in my catch-up posts.  I have a lot of work to do to catch up to where I am now. So Much Fun!

I’ve found some great ways to save money traveling,  transatlantic repositioning cruises are a great getaway and can be cheaper than staying in a hotel!

It has become a great adventure and I am learning a lot! Read through my blog posts and add comments or questions as you like. Also feel free to contact me for any private questions.